Aphrodisias, the Temple of Aphrodite, shot in 2004. Photo credit - Dguendel
Aphrodisias, the Temple of Aphrodite, shot in 2004. Photo credit – Dguendel

The Noetic Society Presents:

The Way of the Logos

A Seminar conducted by Pierre Grimes, Ph.D.

October 17 & 18, 2015

The twin ideas of the Self and the Soul are the essential ideas for both understanding Platonic metaphysics as well as for gaining an insight into the nature of the Self. While this idea of the Self has been for the most part ignored in the Platonic tradition, we will explore its implications, uniqueness, and its relation to the Soul.

Once this level of thought of Platonic metaphysics becomes clear, it will become a bridge to understanding the personal dimension of Platonic thought, and in so doing the metaphysics will lose its apparent ambiguity and perplexity.

To secure this lofty goal we will also explore the positive and negative hypotheses of Plato’s Parmenides analogically.

We will view them as the personification of a truth seeker experiencing each of the hypotheses from the dismal ninth to that which is beyond all predicates, the first hypothesis.

The path we will outline is a map for philosophical seekers to chart the spiritual and philosophical journey of the destiny of Man.  It will reveal the way of participating in a truly meaningful world for those who seek to use the mind to know the mind.

We offer a new and bold step into the necessity of Platonic thought for understanding the intelligibility of the nature of the divine, the cosmos, and Man.

Participants will be given a copy of a recent dialogue by Pierre Grimes, which outlines much of

what we will be discussing. The conclusion of the dialogue reads:

Jeff came in and said, “What would follow, Susan, if this idea of the Self cannot be securely found in the text? I mean, what would follow if a very strict Ancient Greek scholar were to determine the idea of the Self, as you have defined it, is simply wrong and that it cannot be supported by a critical reading of the Parmenides nor can it be found in Proclus’ Commentary on Plato’s Parmenides?”

I said, “Then the philosophers at the Academy at Taxila have found a gap in the Platonic tradition and have shown the necessity for adding and clarifying this most noble idea, the Self, to that tradition. We could also add that they integrated it into the idea of the Soul, and that means, does it not, that a new kind of Platonism has been brought forward.”

Note on the Opening Time: Saturday breakfast is at 8:00 and the workshop begins at 9. The full schedule will be posted then.

Workshop Location: Visions & Dreams 2482 Newport Frontage Rd. #1, Costa Mesa, CA.

Meditation: David Coe has offered his house for meditation before the workshop begins on Saturday and Sunday. Any time, but especially 6:00 to 7:30 before the Workshop Saturday. Open sitting, no bells, come when you please.

Cost: $150. Fees may be paid at any NS meeting. To be considered for a scholarship, apply to Pierre Grimes directly.

Registration: – To reserve a place please email Julia Hoigaard, Noetic Society Treasurer – jhoigaar@gmail.com


For additional details or questions, please contact Nancy Grimes nancy1grimes@yahoo.com.