The Noetic Society Parmenides Discussion Group has been meeting early mornings (on and off) since November 2013. Under the guidance of Pierre Grimes, PhD, we read through Plato’s dialogue, Parmenides, using the following translations of the Parmenides with a primary focus on the Balboa.

  1. Juan and Maria Balboa — online at Internet Archive along with Yoni’s and Jeff’s editions and links to Lulu for printed copies
  2. Fowler (Loeb) — in hard copy at Amazon or AbeBooks, or online at Perseus (English, Greek)
  3. Thomas Taylor — from Prometheus Trust in the UK, Opening Mind Associates in the USA.

Archived recordings of our study group sessions:

Because this focused study is at a higher level, and requires a lot of its participants, it is not open to the public.  It is generally recommended that you attend our Friday night general NS meetings first and see what you think about general Platonism before attempting to get into the Parmenides.

If you have any more questions, though, please feel free to contact us at info[at] .