Week of November 24-29, 2013. Esalen. Big Sur, CA.

Communications from the mind are as profound as they are utterly appropriate to our circumstances, for while the scope of the mind is pervasive, its precision is always directed to what is personally and spiritually significant.

The self is always seeking completion; hence, our choice of goals, the problems we face, the daydreams and fantasies we have, the seemingly random thoughts that occur during our meditations, and the dreams that visit us in our sleep – each is a doorway into the richest source of insights into our lives.

During this workshop we will explore a new paradigm that offers a profound understanding of the way the mind functions and communicates with us for our benefit. As we focus on our dreams and daydreams with the simple rules of this new paradigm, we are brought to an awareness that our everyday existence can be the doorway to the profound and that what is often ignored can be the key to our inner development.

Pierre Grimes has developed this new paradigm as a path of self-discovery over many years. It has its roots in the Homeric/Socratic tradition. Please bring writing materials and a small tape recorder for recording your dreams.

Please note: There will be a celebratory Thanksgiving dinner in the Esalen Lodge.

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