Classes offered by: Ingmar Northcott

I’m a Greek teacher actively seeking Serious, No-nonsense, warrior-like Greek pupils, interested in learning the Greek language, the language of the Hellenes (Hellenes –> how the Greeks identified themselves is different than the Latin root for Greeks, Gracae. Like Pierre I prefer Hellenes to Gracae), aka Classical Greek, and furthermore challenging themselves on the highest level (i.e. perfection and total excellence).


Due to the prodigious effort it takes to gain clear and deep insights into the harmonic and, hence, beatific and aesthetic nature of the both the language’s Idea content and the grammatical structures with which those ideas are expressed (or give off the light that is contained in them) and that of their superstructure as well, and, thereby, through special modes of concentration and self-turning mindfulness to experience the unification of Intellect one has to achieve in order to acquire this ancient language, making the learning of Greek an ousia-like and metanoetic turning about of the mind, in other words, a yogic experience and practice, which has recently come to be known in some quarters, as resulting in unanticipated enlightenment experiences in dreams, and this includes the insights I can humbly provide about the Hellenic language, and the words and ideas and grammatical noumena of profound depth extending to the Forms and their relation to things here, the role that substances (like the divine luminosity, or intellect, or the world soul) and these substantive expressions play in it,* that everyone of philosophic temper and training must and do take a keen interest in, and even in some way fuse with and become mystically and occulty united to, let’s call it what it is.

  • Such as He Arete (transliterated from the Greek into English), which is translated Virtue or Excellence Itself, a monad, an idea that can be expressed with the noun and article combination alone, that is, He Arete, for example, and not necessarily need it be said, He arete aute, The Virtue Itself, or Arete Aute, Excellence Itself, but just He Arete, that’s virtue,Excellence! she’s a she! a singularity! and a monad! or the verb estin/einai/ontos in Greek “Is”, or how eide/eidos/idea Form/Idea is connected to horaein, “seeing” and oida, “knowing”.

We will eventually, if you stick with me, study any of the great Hellenic writers we can get our hands on, and to whichever degree and depth you wish to keep pursuing it, like Homeric Greek and Homer and Hesiod’s Works and Days and his Theogony, Greek verse including lyric verse and dactylic hexameter, the so-named Heroic and Epic Verse used by Homer and Hesiod, Parmenides and Empedocles, the Pythagoreans; then again, Proclus’ Elements and whatever else Proclus in Greek we might obtain, using the Dodds edition for the Elements which has the Greek; of course, Plato Himself; and, the Pre-Socratics, including Parmenides, Empedocles, and Melissus, Heraclitus and Philolaus.


Moreover, we will learn from the “Father of History” and the author of the immortal The Helleno-Persian Wars, Herodotus himself, the illustrious playwright and author of Oedipus Rex and the Oedipus Cycle, as well as Ajax and other great plays, Sophocles, and that second great extant historian of the Imperial Age of Athens, otherwise known as the Golden Age of Greece and that magnum opus: The History of the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides, General Thucydides, etc… etc..and especially the mystic and Egyptian so-called Neo-Platonist, the divine Plotinus along with the so-called Koine (i.e. Common) Greek of the New Testament and those works’ illustrious and religious and divine mysteries, such as they are.

Since these goals are so noble both learning Greek and experiencing the divine union possible from doing so, and seeing the Hellenic world with such a transformed and “inner” perspective, through gaining (with me!) a holistic vision of the Greek language and it’s relation to profundity period, from the union of these goals, and since it demands as much from me, as it does from you, in terms of care and time, and work, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is only just that I be compensated for my efforts, and as I have my own fair share of bills to pay (including rent or I’ll be homeless) and goals that can be nurtured by the use of funds, as well, it is fair.

The proof is in the pudding, as we all know. If you come out knowing Greek with me, you know your compensation was worth it from the practical perspective. If you get all that other stuff I’ve promised, then you also know it was time worth spent, that a spiritual dimension opened up you may have never thought possible before, or if you suspected it, were nevertheless still apprehensive about it. At any rate, we can discuss the form of the studies, what’s expected of you and what you can expect of me and the student fees privately. Just drop me a message: and we’ll start a discussion.

Additionally, I will create a private, closed Facebook group for whoever joins me and my other pupil in this Academy (for discussion about any current unit being worked on by anyone, and joining brains on such matter, wherein everything must become clear) and school devoted to learning about Hellenic culture, but through the unific vehicle of learning it’s language, morphology and syntax, with yours truly, and in the variety of ways already mentioned above, which form will possess clearer contours as the tutelage develops, and morever, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Classics – Greek from UCLA, and am otherwise more than qualified to take on this goal, and explore through the art of philosophical midwifery any blocks I may have in accomplishing excellence in the pursuit of it.

In philosophy,


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